Yüksel Private Security Services INC. continues to provide training in areas where it operates. The 157-square-meter prefabricated building used as a dormitory in the Kandil Dam and HEPP Facilities premises was donated to the Elbistan Technical and Industrial Vocational High School for use as a workshop. There were no workshops in the high school, where students could use it as an application area. Students will have the opportunity to apply the theoretical information they have already received by donating to Yüksel Construction's old dormitory building through the Elbistan National Education Directorate.



Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013, Yüksel once again demonstrated its environmental sensitivity by planting 1000 cedar trees within Give & Gain Employee Volunteer Day.
Yüksel, one of the leading companies in the construction sector with social responsibility studies, planted 1000 trees together with company employees at Give & Gain Employee Volunteer Day, which was held on May 8th. Yüksel is proud of leaving a small cedar forest to future generations in memory of his 50th year as well as his contribution to nature.
Arid Region Was Forested
Yüksel employees paid attention to the importance of environmental awareness by choosing the arid region on the way to Eskişehir Mihalıççık Üçbaşlı Village for tree planting. After giving training on tree planting in Turkey's Give & Gain Employee Volunteer Day since 2012, 1000 cedar tree saplings were brought together with nature.
Give & Gain Employee Volunteer Day and Upgradeability
Deniz Sazak delivered a speech on the project that was initiated by Yüksel Holding Corporate Communications Unit. Sazak stated that Yüksel employees are very happy to see the respect they show to nature and how eager they are to contribute to such a project. Deniz Sazak, who participated with volunteers to plant some of the 1000 seedlings to be planted, emphasized that it is exciting to receive corporate social responsibility projects with interest from employees.
Deniz Sazak, "We call all sustainability and corporate social responsibility understanding in Yüksel 'Advantage'. It is one of the best proofs that this concept has been adopted by all our friends and that volunteering more and more of our employees every day in the projects we have implemented in this context. This project, which we have implemented with our volunteers, not only contributes to nature but also increases the satisfaction of doing good things in line with our corporate intentions and common goals. "


8. Yilmaz Sazak Photo Lens Exhibition Catch the Moments "Sports photography wants a high concentration. There are moments that you do not want to miss them. You must also be prepared to catch the moment. What kind of sports activity will you take, which lens you will use, which distance and angle you will ... You need to take a single frame.
In that single frame, you need to describe the performance of that sport, its spirit and the performance of the athlete. Looking at the words of Assoc. Dr. Osman Ürper “Capturing the right moment in a very fast developing activity requires knowledge, experience and agility”.
The walls of the exhibition hall are full of photographs reflecting such moments. The fifty photographs of performance and emotion from different branches of athleticism are recorded in the memories of exhibition circles, printed in a size of 50 x 70 cm. There is a name that comes to life in memory that night: Yilmaz Sazak.
An institutional social responsibility project that has been going on for 17 years ... An art activity that has created the visual memory of this project for 8 years ... Both of them make the memory of Yılmaz Sazak.
On Wednesday, February 22, Yüksel Construction's Social Facilities in Ankara is hosting the "Yilmaz Sazak Photography Lighthouse Exhibition" for the eighth time, which is held under the "Yılmaz Sazak International Age Groups Athletics Competition".
Yüksel Holding / Yüksel İnşaat A.Ş. Corporate Communication and HR Coordinator, Yılmaz Sazak Chairman of International Organization of Athletics Competition and Deniz Sazak, daughter of Yılmaz Sazak, speaks to a large number of people from the business, sports and art world and states that they aim to show Turkish athletes at the international lanes and will support volleyball athletics. This 17-year-old tournament is one of the top three European races in the 12-17 age category. In the last 6 years of competitions, 76 national and international records were recorded. The athletes in the young age groups will grow up in the lobbies where they will be able to compete with foreign peers each year and participate in the Olympics.
The photographs of this year's exhibition are those shot in last year's athletics competitions. Competitions of the year were held on 2 June at Enka Sadi Gülçelik Sports Facilities. Photographs taken on that day will be on display at the ninth exhibition in 2013.
The eighth exhibition will be held at Enka Sadi Gülçelik Sports Complex on 2 June, at Ankara Kentpark AVM between 14-19 July, and on July 20-27, at the Hayriye Art Gallery in Kadikoy, Istanbul, Between Ankara and Panora AVM.