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Focus on your life as we provide your security!


Security is indispensable for maintaining a peaceful and calm social life and for that people keep living in a secure manner. Today, it has become an area of expertise for which the institutions/companies strive to find effective and economic solutions. Especially in regions of conflict, security is now an irrevocable and uncompromising requirement. In this respect, professionals should take care for your camp security. Yüksel Management Inc. is aware that no security measure is self-sufficient without human support; thus, we prioritise the elimination of risks.


Yüksel Management Inc. provides you with security services at international level by means of its partner Yüksel Private Security Inc. that has national and international experience in security sector with notable achievements in the past as one of the most competent companies in Turkey.


The attended security and patrol services are provided and recorded by our expert staff, including any physical security operation such as consultancy, visitor orientation, personnel and vehicle entry-exit checks (x-ray and metal detectors). Do not waste your time by thinking of security; let us maintain yours.


Our services include hedging the office buildings, storehouses and machinery areas within camps/sites, locking the storehouses, camera records, restriction of entries and exits, as well as constant check of security at such locations by means of patrols. Our objective is to prevent possible threats from inside and outside and to ensure a comfortable and secure living space.


Why choose attended security services?


• Turnkey camp security,
• Effective estimated cost and risk analysis,
• 7/24 private security service,
• Expert staff with international experience,
• Periodical risk analysis and management reporting,
• Work permits and official authorisations as prescribed in legislation,
• Reduction of camp management costs,
• Effective coordination with police.