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Professional Solutions For Your Electronic Security Issues
Our fundamental approach in Yüksel Private Security Services Inc. to electronic security systems is to maintain the optimum balance between the demands and the actual requirements. Because, we think ill-design solutions for security problems cause damages to overall security structure of persons and organizations. The popular belief is that the use of the latest technology provides the best solution to the security problems. But it is virtually impossible to make a proper project without a proper analysis of the needs of an organization. The requirements defined by our risk analysis experts are translated into projects and applied in the field by our electrical and electronical engineers. Our Electronic Security System requirements with an excellent professional approach.
If you also wish to receive support or information in this matter, you are welcome to benefit from our no-cost project service.
Our Electronic Security Services
Risk Analysis Before Project Processes
Security Planning
Preparation Of The Project
Project Management And Application
Turn-Key Security Solutions (Closed Circuit TV and Recording Systems, Card and Biometric Pass, Turnstile Systems, Explosive Detection Systems, Peripheral Security Systems, Special Security Systems, Fire detection and Extinguishing Systems.)
Project Operations, Material Procurement, Inferior Structure, Cabling, Installation, Testing, Design Of Security Rooms
On The Job Training and Technical Support Services
Technical Support After Sale
X-Ray and Door Acces Detectors
Road Blocker Systems