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Our Environmental Policies
Yüksel Private Security Services Inc. Has adopted a sustainable environmental policy as a principle in all fields and service stages in accordance with its quality standards.
Our Basic Principles
Energy efficiency design aims to continuously improve energy performance with the foundation of products and services,
Considering environmental impacts in plant and process design and management,
periodically reviewing the principles and objectives and providing adequate resources to achieve these principles and targets,
To comply with national and international legislation and standards as a basic requirement, raising awareness and encouraging our suppliers and stakeholders on renewable energy applications,
Targeting to minimize the natural resource needs, energy losses and wastes by training employees and using continuous improvement tools,
Use more recycled material with less environmental impact.
Our Occupational Health and Safety Policies
Yüksel Private Security Services Inc. is an indispensable element in achieving the goals of quality, profitability and growth, for employees to produce in a safe environment in appropriate working conditions. As top management, we believe that all accidents can be avoided, and we know that this goal will be achieved through constant self-development and Zero Accident Policies. 
It is our priority to ensure a safe working environment by taking preventive and preventive measures in all our projects and by removing potential hazards.
Our Basic Principles
To work in compliance with national and international business safety legislation and standards,
Zero work accidents and occupational diseases,
To increase the awareness of our employees about occupational accidents and occupational diseases,
Providing systematic Hazard Conscious Building training to its employees,
Continuous improvement of our management system with the contributions of employees and related parties,
Performing production according to job security using safe equipment and appropriate technology.