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Security is a field of systematic activity besides protection and prevention. The reason underlying the complex structure of security is the vast collection of technological knowledge man has accumulated over the years. Indeed, such a big pool of knowledge and high level of specialization are requirements for controlling disasters threatening our daily lives, such terrorism, sabotage, theft, robbery and fire. YUKSEL PRIVATE SECURITY SERVICES INC. was established under Law no.5188 in 2004.


Yuksel Guvenlik borrowed its name and took its power from Yüksel Holding which carry out activities in many fields in Turkey and worldwide, meeting successfully all its commitments.


Physical security and training services provided by our company in its modern facilities in Ankara are supported and made more effective by the contributions of District Directorates in İstanbul and İzmir. YUKSEL PRIVATE SECURITY SERVICES INC. with a highly prestigious position in training services maintained by experts qualified in their professions, is meeting the need for qualified personnel in our sector with due sense of responsibility, thanks to its modern classrooms and shooting range for air guns.


Our biggest advantage as Yüksel Güvenlik is the accumulation of knowledge in our field of profession. Our management and training staff comprises experienced personnel who had worked in the Armed Forces of Turkey and the Department of Security for long years, taken courses in Commando Operations, Skin Diver, Protection, Special Forces, Close Combat, Parachute, Ski, Psychological Operations, Intelligence and Public Relations, specialized in their respective fields, speaking foreign languages, and had served in many troubled countries.


Moreover, YÜKSEL PRIVATE SECURITY SERVICES INC. was oriented towards delivering VIP protection and Security Consultancy services to Turkish and foreign companies which are involved in services and production operations in the Eurasian geography, especially in those with higher risk assessments, adequate for the conditions of the countries in which they are located. In that context, “Yüksel Special Security Services INC.”, the biggest shareholder of which is our company, with its personnel of 300 delivers physical security and consultancy services in Afghanistan, mostly in Yüksel Holding Projects.