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Turnkey camp management


Our management approach consists of entire decision-making and implementation processes so as to ensure harmonious and effective use of particularly human resources, financial sources, instruments, raw materials, and time in order that the institutions/companies attain their prescribed objectives. Today, the necessity for concentrating on main specialty urges the institutions/companies to look for solutions that will make them lose less time on matters other than main field of activity. As a result of this fact, the management, maintenance and operation of any kind of facility/camp requires professional experience. With regard to institutions, the incorporation of operating and maintenance services within the organic structure brings along serious requirement of investment and resources, as well as notable risks. By providing these services, Yüksel Management Services Inc. enables you to concentrate on main field of activity.


As the sole responsible for you, Yüksel Management Services Inc. ensures that the possible problems are solved at a single centre instead of multiple parties. Yüksel Management Services Inc. is one of the rare companies to provide integrated camp management system in Turkey and surrounding countries. Thanks to the exclusive procurement of various services, we ensure saving of time, cost and human resource for our customers.


Yüksel Management Inc. possesses the financial, logistic and manpower resource to procure services for camps of any kind, from mini-camps of 20-person seismic/scouting teams up to permanent camps for 50,000 persons. The figures vary depending on geographical region and season regarding camps for humanitarian aid and mobile camp services. During the establishment of a turnkey camp management system, we initially focus on security, camp infrastructure and catering services. Other services are built on this structure.


Our main priority is to generate accurate cost analysis in founding integrated camp management system that is based on the approach of local designing and global action.




• Integrated camp management
• Catering
• Cleaning
• Laundry
• Technical maintenance
• Communication
• Camp for Humanitarian Aid
• Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Renting
• Qualified staff and labour
• Security project design and risk analysis
• Security and Patrol Service with attending staff
• Travel safety and risk management
• VIP Security


Why integrated camp management system?


• More efficient concentration on main activities,
• World-class knowledge, experience and technology,
• Rise in life quality of camp staff,
• Fast and effective communication with local, national and international bodies,
• Extendable camp installation,
• Modernisation of present camp/site,
• Time and cost saving,
• Orientation of resources to more strategic fields,
• Possibility of saving up to 34% in general operational costs,
• Development of solutions directly aimed at problems thanks to correct, measurable and classified knowledge.