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Corporate solution for a safe and comfortable camp life!


In the current conjuncture, all institutions face with security risks albeit in different levels. Today, the international system and legal mechanisms within cannot establish equal security for all institutions/companies and cannot duly respond to threats posing against peace and trust. Failure in management and identification of such risks may endanger even the most competent institution.


The first step for establishing an effective security policy is accurate analysis of the risk level faced by the camp/site. Yüksel Private Security Services Inc. is among the most specialised and competent companies in this field, thanks to its international experience in particularly risky regions.


Our expert project team with international experience analyses the area/facility where the security service will be provided. The obtained data are compared with those in our database and assessed in our scale of risk analysis. The specific demands of customers are received and adapted to present system. The offered physical and electronic security measures are presented as “Private Security Project Design” together with additional recommendations.


Yüksel Private Security Services Inc. initially identifies the security requirements of the camp/site, and creates short-term, mid-term and long-term security configuration. The security configuration undergoes constant supervision and examination, and necessary additional measures are submitted to the company senior management by means of periodical reports. This service by our expert team with international experience minimises security risks and ensures that you have a safe business process.


Why security project design and risk management?


• Reliable exploration and preliminary analysis report,
Solid, effective and flexible security configuration,
• Strategic security plan and process monitoring,
• Consultancy services by experience geopolitical experts,
• Periodical risk analysis and assessment reports,
• Routine risk analysis and flexible guard/security configuration,
• Solutions in line with private security legislation.