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Nothing is more precious than you!


VIP security is the most important specialty within private security, comprising various concepts and risks. Yüksel Private Security Services Inc. considers VIP security not merely as a bodyguard service. For us, any security process that complicates and prevents the realisation of a possible action and that is not supported with data collection, planning and electronic elements leads to many risks. It requires utmost specific experience and knowledge to protect the persons working in national and international field within a security systematic. Your security protocol begins to operate once the quality of personnel and necessary equipment is decided pursuant to security risk analysis following our on-site exploration and survey.


Yüksel Private Security Services Inc. ensures your close security by means of the expert team that has experience with many civil and military senor officials via high level security technologies. You will enjoy the privilege of Yüksel Private Security Services Inc. while travelling with our VIP vehicles as well.


Let us provide your security in Turkey and surrounding countries so that our staff with international experience procures the needed safe environment.


Yüksel Private Security Services Inc. carries out VIP service pursuant to national and international standards and legislation, and in collaboration with security forces.


Why choose VIP Security?


• Security from airport to relevant housing, hotel or camp area,
• Minimum intervention in daily life of the protected person,
• Cutting-edge security technology equipment,
• Expert personnel with brilliant command of local and foreign languages,
• 7/24 guard,
• Certified VIP guard, bodyguard, vehicle protection, house protection, protection of family members,
• Emergency planning,
• Collaboration and coordination with local law enforcement officers,
• Search of vehicles and/or spaces against the explosive threat/danger,
• Route planning,
• Efforts to oppose intelligence,
• Planning preventive measures,
• Respect for right of privacy.