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Derived from our vast experience learned the hard way both in Turkey and abroad our Consulting Services have the sole purpose of assisting our clients to address facility and organizational risk. Afghanistan and Iraq as given examples, we managed to consult in hostile, and emerging states. Compliance with regulatory standards having the priority, we open space for our clients to effectively operate and protect their personnel and assets. 


Our branch offices are in İstanbul, İzmir, Diyarbakır and Gaziantep which are fully supported and governed by our head Office in Ankara.


Our Consulting Services offers a variety of services to assist our customers by providing;

• Fıxed senior security professionals to short/long term projects;
• Initial Site Surveys, Criticality, Vulnerability, Threat&Risk and Community Survey Assessments; • Training (VPSHR, guard force and PSD mentoring)
• Project Security Planning (Physical Security, Security Manning, Communication, Crisis Management, Public Diplomacy, Contingency, Mob/Demob and SOPs)
• Mission Tailored Projects (Mentoring and Observation)


Why Yüksel PSC Consulting Services?


• Allows a client to be more efficient with resources
• Reduces client administration
• Avoid personnel security risks
• Receives a more flexible security solution, especially for short term projects