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The key elements of the security risk analysis are the period during which security risks, the scales of these risks and the areas requiring action are identified. As individual and social security requirements increase, we are also increasingly vulnerable to attacks and attacks that may occur in private security services. Attacks on protected material values can cause serious amounts of money, time, prestige and loss of confidential or valuable information. In terms of spiritual values, loss can be human health and even human life if these attacks are directed to systems that directly affect life, such as collective work and collective life. 
For this reason, Yüksel Private Security Services INC in accordance with the principles adopted by; When a risk analysis is carried out, the existing values are taken into consideration one by one and the hazards and threats to which each value can be exposed are determined. In addition, existing measures against threats and threats are examined. At the next stage, the value, openness, threat and countermeasure values introduced are taken as inputs and risk values are found by using mathematical and logical methods. The final stage is referred to as risk-value matching.
Yüksel Private Security Services Inc.’s risk assessment experts following the feasibility studies, they do not focus on just how and what measures to take when conducting a Security Risk Analysis. This task is evaluated together with the security risk management application.