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Mehmet Ertuğrul AKKOYUNLU (Chairman)
• Ankara Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences, 1970
• Master of Science in working with the Ministry of Trade and the Ziraat Bank. 1966-1970
• Ziraat Bank Organization Method and Inspection Board, 1972-1974
• Yüksel İnşaat A.Ş. Central Accounting Manager, 1974-1985
• Certified Public Accountant Title, 1992
• Yüksel İnşaat A.Ş. General Accounting Manager and Assistant General Manager,
• Ankara Chamber of Certified Public Accountants Board Member, 1999-2000



Mustafa ATUN (General Manager/Vice Chairman)

He is a qualifed special forces officer, trained in both Turkey and the US. as well as a qualified paratrooper, ranger, scuba diver. Served as platoon, company and battalion commander in  the most elite units of Turkish Army for a long time, mostly in the eastern part of TURKEY, performing extraordinary duties with high skills. Trained more than five hundred officers, who were selected to serve in the eastern and southeastern parts of TURKEY which are subjected to acts of terrorism for a long time. He is the founding General Director of Yüksel Private Security Services Inc since 2005. 


Metin BAYSAL (Manager & Operations Director)

Between 1986 and 2007 he served in various units of Turkish Armed Forces both at home and abroad, as squadron, company and battalion commander and staff officer. He retired voluntarily in 2007, while he was a Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry. He has been serving as the Manager/ Operations Director in Yüksel Private Security Inc. since 2008.

Fevzi Bora UZER (Manager, Business Development & Tender)


Possessing over 22 years highly varied military experience, filled positions of ever increasing responsibility in junior, mid-level and senior assignments as a naval officer. His operational experience includes 16 years in Turkish Naval Special Operations Units (cross trained in Special Weapons and Explosives) and five years as a specially chosen, more senior officer, providing key anti/counter terrorism expertise in direct support of the elite NATO COE DAT. 

Extensively trained in maritime and land based physical security doctrine and tactics (including personal close protection), weapons systems, explosives (key specialty), with experience in both regular and irregular combat activities. 

After being retired and assigned as BD Manager, he undertook all necessary activities to ensure the long-term sustainability of our company’s growth and competitive advantage. Although it is tough for a single company to dominate all aspects of business, by targeting the growth in business volume, instead of seizing as many opportunities as possible and aggressively putting all his power behind it, strategically, he put all his efforts for the opportunities that are worth chasing and fit our bigger goals.


Sevda ERK  (Manager, Human Resources)


Having achieved the very important responsibility of shaping the lives of young, impressionable children for 19 years, reshaped her course of work life and steered her route into a totally unique area of expertise. She welcomed her new responsibilities with great pride and joy. She may be optimally described as someone who always pushes her associates to want to do their best while at the same time trying to make the output of the works as well as creative.

Putting her vast experience to the best of our company’s account, she played a vital role in the transformation of our efforts into the modernized needs of institutional companies operating in the field of private security services. She is definitely an added value, always will be remembered by her famous quote “There is always something to be learned”.