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A peaceful camp life depends on secure travel!...

One of the main problems within integrated camp management is the travel security and journey management for the crew and the visitors. The travel security and risk management includes many details and should be implemented in all camps and sites established at moor and lend itself to security risks. Our experts with international experience, from multinational companies which we served for in global oil, mining, construction and gas business, elaborate on detailed travel planning for each project, from the very first day. Please benefit from our services to enjoy the privileges of a peaceful and safe journey management. Our objective is a travel planning and management in line with operation type and size through an effective fleet management that ensures maximum cost saving and minimum risk.


Once you land at airport, you are our guest. Our main priority is to ensure that the passengers under our responsibility attain the prescribed destination in the most rapid, comfortable and safe manner by the help of vehicles and security staff in line with regional security operation level. Our travel security director manages all services such as hotel bookings, domestic transfers, helicopter rents etc. within your knowledge and requirements; and the stages of the voyage are simultaneously reported to relevant staff in your company. The service is provided by our staff with international experience through strong local knowledge, road risk analysis and fully equipped vehicles and equipment. Yüksel Private Security Services Inc. a partner of Yüksel Management Inc., conducts the entire process.

Why choose travel security and risk management services?

  • Travel risk analysis and assessment,
  • Consultancy for emergency solutions and both national and international operational competence,
  • Proactive alarm warning notifications,
  • Effective and quick intervention in cases of emergency,
  • 7/24 assignment of Journey Management Team (one Journey Manager, one booking staff, a 7/24 active call centre),
  • Vehicles suitable for operation (our vehicles, namely SUV and pick-ups to work on terrain are equipped with roll bars and IVMS devices), sedan vehicles for VIP or urban trips; minibuses, midibuses and coaches for personnel service and transport,
  • Journey planning for single vehicle and motorcade,
  • Flight and hotel bookings for your entire personnel for domestic and international journeys, their reception at airport, transfer to hotel, and the same services upon their return,
  • Assignment of consultants capable of local and international languages,
  • Drivers with defensive drive trainings and certificates,
  • Course exploration and traffic analysis,
  • Collaboration with general police and formation of motorcade,
  • Consultancy and acquisition of necessary licenses for transport of heavy and special materials, procurement of safety escort service,
  • Follow-up of vehicle movements, management and reporting of departure and arrival times in timely and due manner,
  • Information regarding weather and road/traffic conditions,
  • Multi-contact methods including telephone and SMS.