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The geopolitical location of our country, while providing numerous advantages, carry a number of risks as well. It is a known fact that the risks involved in our geography appear to be at higher levels in international risk analyses frequently made. 

We, as Yüksel Private Security Services Inc., deliver any kind of security service needed by local and foreign companies which make investments and production in our country as well as neighbouring countries. We consider the experience and knowledge we have accumulated since our establishment and our relations with the local authorities as the biggest advantage we have. Our biggest investment in this area is our company in Afghanistan, “Yüksel Special Security Services Inc.”, in which we are holding the biggest share. We are currently delivering security services to Turkish and Foreign companies in that country, mostly , with a staff of over 300..

Our Fields Of Activity

• Physical Security
• Escort Services and VIP Security
• Mine Detection
• Early Alert and Warning Office
• Security Consultancy and Risk Analysis
• Crisis Management
• K-9 Bomb Detection Dogs

If you also wish to receive all kinds of security services in your overseas operations 
you may contact our security advisors.