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• National and International Activity and Experience • Systematic and Solution Oriented Business Understanding • Human-focused workflow and process management • National and international experienced and professional staff • Effective preliminary cost and risk analysis Market leader in integrated camp management • Financial, logistical and human power resources that can provide all kinds of camping services including seismic / scouting teams mini camp, security and installation of resident camp for 2000 persons • National and international partner in the field of operation and security of camps for humanitarian purposes • Knowledge, experience and technological infrastructure at world standards Ability to mobilize human resources in crisis management • The ability to realize projects anywhere in the world with its strong financial structure • The management philosophy that reflects the basic principles of international management philosophy to all activities of "Accountability", "Responsibility", "Openness and Transparency", "Fair Behavior" • Consultancy from international geo-political experts • Effective coordination with local law enforcement • Superior security technology equipment • Security system positioned on 7/24 basis