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Our much esteemed customers,
Dear Colleagues;
In the whole history of mankind, the era in which we are now living is the one fastest and most open to changes. Knowledge and technology have never shown such a rapid development in any period in the past whatsoever. However, this change brought along many problems, besides the useful consequences, which we have to solve. Ever increasing population of the world, variations in population movements and rapid urbanization are forcing us to think over nutrition, housing and security matters. The basic rule for spending a healthy life depends on building a safe and secure living area. Today we are all aware of the fact that the real threat is coming from men rather than the nature. Social inequality inherent in social change is an undeniable social reality. 
Security, in technical sense, is not merely taking guard against threats. For us, it is to develop counter measurea against all kinds of possible threats. Yüksel Private Security Services Inc., adopting its corporate culture from such parameters, has focused its fundamental philosophy on man and its security. The values we have created since 2004 and our contribution to the sector is the biggest source of our lasting enthusiasm. Yüksel Private Security Services Inc., being aware of the technical and structural drawbacks existing because of the relatively recent entry to the sector, will continue to be a pioneer in the field. It is my basic duty to share the knowledge accumulated by our management cadres with the other stakeholders in our sector. I am certain that my colleagues working for Yüksel Private Security Services Inc. at all levels are acting with that sense of duty and responsibility. The care and attention we pay to the election of my colleagues is the result of the respect and sense of duty we owe to our highly valued customers who trust us their security, material or otherwise. The prestigious position we hold now in the sector is the result of our strict adherence to the principles I have defined, in applying them.
I believe that the biggest advantage of Yüksel Private Security Services Inc. is the rich experiences, skills and job creating potentials of all my colleagues in the management as well as the command and control capabilities of our field managers. The high levels of training, commitment and corporate awareness of our field staff is our sole source of customer satisfaction. The foundation of our international corporate identity is the high motivation of my colleagues. 
Our company, working for Turkey, producing for Turkey and cherishing an everlasting love for Turkey is proud of the construction companies which make up the leading sector of our economy. It is because all our companies operating in our hinterland prefer Yüksel Private Security Services Inc. in Security Risk Analysis and Manned Security Services, for the corporate culture and knowledge transfer we receive from our Holding, we are charged with new responsibilities. Our relation with the local administrations abroad as well as our accredited companies in such locations will be the main axis of our short and medium term growth. I am in full faith that this vision will carry us to new targets and new horizons.
By this occasion I would like to extend my deepest regards to all corporate bodies as well as all my colleagues who are in progress with us towards the future. 
Mustafa ATUN
General Director
Member of the Board