Yuksel Private Security Services INC. has an established grievance procedure to address claims alleging failure by the company to respect the principles contained the ICOC or of any other type. Such claims can be brought, internally, by personnel or, externally, by third parties. These procedures enable reporting of allegations of improper and/or illegal conduct to designated personnel, including such acts or omissions that would violate the principles contained in the ICOC. The procedures are fair, transparent, as far as confidentially will allow, and accessible. The process not only assesses fault and culpability, it also aims to produce policy change where needed and other corrective action in order to prevent reoccurrence. Additionally it also facilitates reporting by any person with reason to believe that improper or illegal conduct, has occurred or is about to occur. The responsibility of dealing with such grievances lies with the country Manager of any given region, who is responsible to the Directors of the company. Where appropriate, competent authorities will be informed of grievances. Yuksel Private Security Services INC. has an established grievance procedure, which is written into individual contracts and enables an employee to approach a direct line manager, or a more senior line manager (i.e. if the direct line manager is the source of the grievance) in confidentiality and secure in the knowledge that their grievance will be addressed without prejudice. Investigation into grievance allegations are conducted promptly, impartially and with due consideration to confidentiality. Records regarding allegations, findings or disciplinary measures are produced and kept for 7 years. Except where prohibited or protected by applicable law, such records are be made available to entitled competent authorities on request. Yuksel Private Security Services INC. is committed to cooperating with official investigations, and will not participate in or tolerate from our personnel, the impeding of witnesses, testimony or investigation. In cases where we are made aware of unlawful behavior the company will take prompt action to terminate the employment of the employee. Yuksel Private Security Services has an active 'Whistleblower' or Public Interest Disclosure policy. Anyone employed by Yuksel Private Security Services INC. or working on an Yuksel Private Security Services INC. contract is entailed to make a disclosure under this policy. These disclosures can be made anonymously. Issues that fall under this policy include but are not limited to:
• Failure to follow company procedure or policy
• Health and safety
• Damage to the environment
• Criminal offence
• Other breaches of the law
• Covering up wrong doing
Individuals who raise genuinely-held concerns under this procedure will not be dismissed or subjected to any detriment as a result of such action. Detriment includes unwarranted disciplinary action and victimisation. If a member of staff believes that they are being subjected to a detriment as a result of raising concerns the matter can be raised with a company director (typically the Country Manager). Any personnel who victimizes or retaliates against those who have raised concerns under this policy will be subject to disciplinary action. If an investigation under this procedure concludes that an individual has made false allegations that are malicious or made with a view to personal gain, the individual concerned may be subject to disciplinary action.
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