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Petrochemical Industry, an industrial country that supplies petroleum refinery products and many other industrial inputs such as packaging, electronics, automotive, construction, textile and agriculture, which produces plastics, rubber and fiber raw materials and other organic intermediates starting from natural gas, is one of the most important sectors for our economy. The petrochemical sector accounts for 25% of our total chemical production. Security solutions in a sector that makes such a strategic change also differ. With security and facility management solutions, Yüksel Private Security Services Inc. is your most reliable solution partner with the solution possibilities.
The Sectors That We Provide Service
Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines
Filling Facilities
Pumping Stations
Pharmaceutical and Chemical Factories
Petrochemical facilities safety and site management system
Security and Patrol
Security Project Design and Risk Analysis
Chemical Processing Security
Control of Fire and Explosion Data
Catering Services
Cleaning Services
Laundry Services
Technical and Maintenance Services
Communication Services
Vehicle and Work Machine Rental
Qualified Personnel and Labor Services
Petrochemical Facilities Security and Site Management System
More focus on core activities,
World-class knowledge, experience and technology,
Increase in the life quality of life of camp staff,
Expandable camping setup,
Increase in value and duration of the camp,
Disposal of time and resources,
Directing resources to more strategic issues,
Up to 34% savings on overall expenses,
Develop solutions that are focused directly on problems with accurate, measurable, classified information that will help top management.
Integrated camp management is provided by Yüksel Yönetim Hizmetleri A.Ş. our major partner.